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Five worthy tips to become a competent chemistry learner

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Five worthy tips to become a competent chemistry learner

Every A level and O level student gets one particular question in their mind every day for sure. It is how to become even more perfect in studying chemistry. Hopefully, you are one of those serious students who considers this question to be really important. Yes, as you will become more efficient in learning chemistry the better it will be for you. We at Miracle Learning Centre let you do that with our premium ‘A’ and ‘O’ level chemistry tuition. To help you excel in this subject, below we’ve mentioned some worthwhile tips for chemistry learners like you.

Ask numerous questions

As an aspiring scientist asking questions is a tell-tale quality that you must have. Having this trait will also help you learn effectively. Remember that chemistry is such a subject which is not just narrowed down to chemicals and their functions. It is a much more diverse subject, so you should ask numerous questions related to it. Some of the questions that you can ask are:

  • How solids differ from liquids in terms of energy levels, reactivity and properties, color or density etc.?
  • Why there are certain substances that invariably dissolve in water unlike others?
  • What is the main difference between a liquid and a gas when they’re at room temperature?
  • When something reacts what happens during their final as well as initial stage?

These questions can be the resultant questions of a specific question. Suppose, you have asked that ‘why reactions occur’? Basically the aforesaid questions are interrelated to the said question and will only result out of your curiosity.

Read the textbook properly

Before you attend your next lecture, it’s always a good idea to read the textbook properly. At Miracle Learning Centre we’ll let you prepare ahead of what your teacher will explain in the class. We make it possible by encouraging our students to read the textbook properly. Consequently, they get the benefits given below.

  • The professor might refer to the discussed material again while providing lectures on some other topics during the class. So, read the chapters assigned to you really well. This way you can avoid facing any confusions when your professor elaborates on any of these references.
  • Rest assured that you will get a clearer idea about the subject as compared to your classmates. As a result answering questions asked by your teachers or classmates will become a cakewalk for you.
  • Keeping up with the latest skills and knowledge particularly in chemistry is really important. The best way do so is by reading all the chapters assigned to you carefully to prepare for your next class.

We all know that education broadens our horizons. So, this saying cannot be untrue when it comes to an in-depth subject like chemistry.

Use a proper flashcard app

When studying a subject like chemistry always use a flashcard app to excel in it. Prominent examples include Anki or Quizlet etc. By using these apps you can study vocabulary lists and formulae effectively. There are certain advantages which you can expect in return. Like you can quiz on your own on the previous components or view the data in various formats. Surprisingly, these apps are completely free of cost. So, following this technique can also be a cost-effective option for you.

Fix your study objectives

Prior to studying chemistry, it is important to fix your study objectives first. By doing so you can concentrate only on your preferred topics and study them. What’s more, you will be able to identify your improvement areas and rectify them accordingly. So, to get started you need to assess your ability of learning first. Then, you need to make a suitable study plan according to your requirements. Finally, you must allot a certain amount of time to each topic comprising your most favorite chemistry.

Take notes and attend lectures regularly

The best way to excel in chemistry is to take notes and attend lectures regularly. So, attend every lesson and do take detailed notes on them. You can also make your own study guides for every chapter or topic. Make a table with all the relevant data gathered from the lectures to serve this purpose. This way you can easily keep a track on the lessons that were taught to you just before the exam.

Time to sign off!

So, to become a chemistry pro implement each of the five tips given above effectively. Simultaneously, you can take our object-oriented chemistry tuition as well to attain a sound understanding in the subject.