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Conduction of Heat

Conduction of Heat

Physics tuition classes in Miracle Learning Centre is easy to understand and help you to improve in your grades. If you do not understand physics, you must definitely attend the physics tuition class at Miracle Learning Centre. Let us learn about conduction of heat in this physics tuition lesson.

In solids, the molecules or atoms are very closely packed. They can only vibrate about their mean positions. When one end of a solid is heated, the particles at that end absorb heat energy and start vibrating more rapidly. These rapidly vibrating particles collide with their neighbours, and transfer a part of heat energy to them. As a result, these particles vibrate more rapidly and in turn cause their neighbours to vibrate more rapidly. These processes continue until the last particles also vibrate more rapidly. Thus, heat energy is transferred from particle to particle through the whole length of the strip.

The student at Miracle Learning Centre asked, “What are good and bad conductors of heat used for?”

The physics tuition teacher at Miracle Learning Centre replied,” Both good and bad conductors of heat are useful to us. The materials which are good conductors of heat are used whenever heat is to be transferred fast. The materials which are bad conductor of heat are used to prevent the transfer of heat. For example, good conductor of heat, namely, metals and their alloys are used for making cooking utensils. Bad conductors of heat are used for making handles of the cooking utensils so that even the hot utensils can be lifted safely.”

Heat conduction takes place from one object to another if the two objects should be in direct contact and if the temperature of the two objects are different.

Metals heat up faster than non-metals because metals contain more free electrons which are able to move randomly between molecules than non-metals. That is why the rate of heat transfer is faster in metals than in non-metals. In winter, temperature of our body is more than that of the surrounding objects. As soon as we touch the metallic handle which is a good conductor, heat flows from our body to the handle and it appears cold. However, no heat flows from our hand to the wooden door. Hence, it does not appears that cold.

Jenny, a student at Miracle Learning Centre asked, “Why do Eskimos make doubled walled houses of the block of ice?”

The physics tuition teacher, Mr Lim, at Miracle Learning Centre replied,” Air is trapped between the two walls of the house made of ice. Air being a bad conductor of heat, almost no conduction of heat takes place from within the house to the cold surroundings through the air trapped. Hence, the double walls act as an insulator and helps retain the heat inside the house. For the same reason, in cold countries, rooms are provided with double glass window.”

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