Miracle Learning Center

Do you know why we are called Miracle?

Do you know why we are called Miracle?

What is Miracle? In religious views, it is an event which cannot be explained by Science or Nature and can happen without at any place and anytime without any prior notification. This makes it attributed to a divine agency. Many people believe it to be a creation of god and there is a lot of debates about it. But why are we named as Miracle?

What most people would think of is that we are trying to create a miracle for your child in terms of his academic success and achievement. Although we are assured that this would no doubt be achieved in due time, the reason why we call ourselves MIRACLE is because we firmly believe that each child in himself/herself is a miracle waiting to happen.

When Mrs Lew first started the centre, she already knew that the future of academics in Singapore would be an extremely competitive one. And therefore when she first started her tuition centre she started with a belief that each child should have the opportunity to compete on an equal footing with other students in the same level. Each child should have the tailored support that enables to achieve what he can and what he will. We hope for you to be part of your child’s journey into realizing his miracle.

“Miracle” means that each and everyone of us is a miracle. Everyone has a nervous system, digestive system, respiratory system, circulatory system, reproductive system etc that no one can replicate. Can you replicate another nervous system for me? You cannot and that is why you are a miracle. Hence, you can go on to create more miracles in your life and in other people’s lives. You are the one in a million sperm which made it. We need to reinforce this belief in every student that they can do anything as long as they are willing to work hard and learn. With courage and perseverance, they will definitely succeed.

We at Miracle Learning Centre have only one goal in mind which is to make every student shine by making them believe that what exactly they are capable of. We always try to bring out the hidden talents and special capabilities of each student in the light.

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