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Effective Maths Tutoring

Effective Maths Tutoring

A lot of people are under the impression that a good teacher is one that is very knowledgeable about the subject. This is a very misguided notion, especially when it comes to a complex subject like mathematics. Instead, the key to understanding or being understood lies in the interest of the learner. It also lies in how the learner relates the subject in question.

Imagine how focused we get when watching our favourite TV shows. We all remember the names of the characters that we like in the show and all the action that unfolds during the show. This is clear proof that the brain is indiscriminate when it comes to data retention. As long as the data is interesting enough to grab our attention, we will definitely remember it well. It is not surprising therefore that a lot of students in the US and everywhere else find mathematics ‘’boring’’ and ‘’senseless’’. Certainly the brain is going not going to store that information very well and mathematics grades in any education system are a clear indication.

Relating mathematical problems to real life situations will help to pique the interest of the learner. Substitute complex references with common stuff. For example, Instead of saying a fraction, say a pizza slice. This helps the learner to understand since the pizza is an easily relatable item. It also helps recollection perhaps during an exam. Tutoring that is coupled with jokes also relieves tension and promotes relaxation. Apparently that happens to be when our brains comprehends best. Just like how we ‘’relax’’ when watching our favourite shows.

Once a student dreads a subject, understanding the concepts becomes even more difficult and it increases the workload of the tutor. This also means that punishment for poor performance is hardly effective. Instead, a reward for good performance can be a better approach as long as the student is motivated to get the reward. For more mature learners, peer competition can also be a great motivator as the students’ interest is tickled by the opportunity to outperform their peers.

In Miracle Learning Centre, we always try to come up with new teaching ideas to make sure that no one in our classes feels bored. We always focus to implement video lectures, fun activities, contests, etc in our lectures which will make our students excited and encouraged and again will provide them with in-depth knowledge at every step.

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