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Tackle primary one and two problem sums with these effective tips

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Tackle primary one and two problem sums with these effective tips

Solving the different Math sums can be immensely tiresome for many kids out there. The frustration that results from this difficulty is also quite natural. Particularly, kids studying Maths at the primary one and two level find this task exceptionally difficult. At Miracle Learning Centre, we can help your child excel in a subject like Maths.

What we do?

Our Math tuition teachers assist students in applying the various heuristics in an appropriate manner. These heuristics or bar graphs assist our students to resolve the different Math problem effectively. Besides, we also teach our students that how the different additional and subtraction concepts came into effect. Furthermore, we help our primary level Maths students to use these basic concepts properly. By following our instructions, our students can solve the different word problems out there.

Ways to handle primary one and two Maths easily

An easy part-whole or comparison is sufficient enough to solve the various Math problems out there. Let’s dive a bit deeper and check out our three effective tips to tackle primary one and two problem sums easily.

Substitute back the values into the question and check out the answers

Every teacher of Maths should put the maximum amount of stress on the development of this habit. The teachers must do so while teaching any possible Maths lesson to their students. This way you can allow your child to solve every problem in a strategic manner. It means that your child will learn to solve each of the Math problems in a step by step manner. This way they can identify the errors quickly and rectify them accordingly.

Avoid careless mistakes by labeling the models clearly

In this tip, you need to solve a tricky question of Maths in the proper and expected way. Let’s consider the following example in this regard.

  • Mary has got $30 marbles. Henry has $5 less than Mary.
  • So, how much money does Henry have?


While figuring out a solution to this problem, make sure that you highlight the key phrase of the sum properly. Herein, we can consider the phrase ‘less than’ to be the primary key phrase. Subsequently, you need to subtract Henry’s amount from Mary’s and find out the answer accordingly. This way you can avoid committing any careless mistakes while attempting every question in your Maths exam.

Advantage of proper modeling

Labeling every part of the model is quite advantageous. Just the way it lets you avoid silly mistakes it provides you a clear understanding about the question too.

Identify the potential keywords in the questions properly

To crack the Maths exam with flying colors, make sure your child practices this habit regularly. So, make sure that your child is handy with a good-quality highlighter all the time. Subsequently, ask your child to identify the key words and phrases within the questions. With the help of these key phrases and words, your child will get adequate clarity in his or her thinking process. By following this strategy, they can remember every concept along with their correct usage. Aside, they will learn to draw the correct models properly as well.

Time to bid a goodbye!

So, it’s time for your child to get rid of the fear of Maths! To attain this goal, get your child admitted at Miracle Learning Centre today!