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Pick up effective ways for your A Level Chemistry Exams from chemistry tuition

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Pick up effective ways for your A Level Chemistry Exams from chemistry tuition

According to OECD’s PISA report in 2015, Singapore is known for its strong performance in international assessment learning. It is highlighted about how the education system of the country is focusing on improving and understanding assessment and feedback in higher learning. Educational divisions in GCE “O” and “A” levels have been offering competitive and resilient students with the help of established professional learning techniques that entail computer visualization across the entire nation. It is important for “A” level students to compete with their fellow students and students who are from international and polytechnic backgrounds for the very few admission spots available. If you are trying to excel and beat the competition in A level Chemistry exams, then you need to adopt a few smart and efficient ways of studying. The experienced A level chemistry tuition center teachers of Miracle Learning Centre have in-depth knowledge about the subject and they sketch out a few ways which you can follow to polish your studying techniques to prepare for your exams.

Use the spacing effect

One of the most common methods that are used for briefly studying important information is highlighting texts. This technique may not work for all and may prove to be counterproductive. But you should not fret as you need to find the right technique that retains important information and helps you to crush that exam. One such technique that is very helpful is the “Spacing Effect”. It is a learning method that involves your brain to exposing towards new information then giving it a break of one or two days before reviewing the same information. Our brain does not form a network of associations for all the information that has been processed in one session. So in comparison to studying the same information in a single session, a 24-hour interval in between actually increases long-term memory retention.

Take help of the technology

We have now been connected globally via the internet which also gives us instant access to a huge amount of information and also offers us opportunities to interact with other people online. There are also a huge number of social networking sites with platforms created for asking questions that can help you to learn chemistry. These can be both free and paid platforms. Using them will allow us to engage with other users across the globe and ultimately find out about the different approaches which are used for solving several types of problems. There are also learning models like the ‘flipped classroom’, that follows a blended learning approach instead of the usual conventional instruction-based approach.

Relate to what you are reading to things that you already know

A significant number of students who score good grades in Chemistry are actually having a great passion for this subject. To score good grades in Chemistry, you will require a certain level of enthusiasm and intrigue which will help you to truly understand tough concepts like chemical bonding which you cannot learn by just memorizing facts. With a specific goal for building up the enthusiasm for ‘A’ level chemistry subjects, anyone can discover things that will help them to learn the concepts in the easiest way.

Takedown notes

Note-taking practice will help you to recall the information which you have read. You will see students having large chunks of self-written notes for the various subjects that they are studying. The practice of note-taking can sound to be tedious for most students as the bulk of the portion lies with highlighting and recopying most of the information. But we are here to tell you about the most effective method of note-taking for Chemistry which is the Cornell Note-taking System. This method involves dividing the notes into columns, which enables a more organized view of the main points of the lecture and ultimately helps students to review the information later very easily.

Seek help from professionals

It is always a plus point for you to join a professional tuition center that offers chemistry lessons. At Miracle Learning Centre, we can provide you help with all the tough concepts of Chemistry and also show you tips and tricks to stay on top by using a comprehensive approach which will increase your understanding of chemistry.

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