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Effectively Score A* in A Level Chemistry Through Our Chemistry Tuition

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Effectively Score A* in A Level Chemistry Through Our Chemistry Tuition

It is quite difficult to score an A* in A-Level Chemistry. Around 1 out of every 10 students can achieve this grade. There is an underlying belief that you need to be a genius to achieve this grade and eat, sleep and drink the subject all around the day to score an A* but that’s just a myth. With hard work and smart preparation techniques, you can easily achieve this grade. Being the most sought after Chemistry Tuition in Singapore, Miracle Learning Centre guides you about how you achieve this unachievable feat.

Complete understanding of the subject

Firstly, you will be requiring a complete understanding of the subject without any knowledge gap or skipping a topic. You need to be confident about what you are learning. Walking into an exam being half period can automatically increase your stress and leave a sense of fear. Begin with getting a complete set of notes which you have created yourself. Grow the habit of taking running class notes. But keep in mind to try to understand what you are writing because if you don’t understand that then the notes will be dysfunctional. Also, try to learn via real-life examples. You need to opt for a practical learning way not just a theoretical learning method as that won’t help you.

Get an effective revision plan

You need o to chalk out an effective chemistry revision plan for yourself. Be sure to include elements like activities that can help you to remember facts, activities to help you to practice calculations and skills, a systematic progress tracking method, and a schedule based around daily goals. You can effectively take the help of the Cornell Note-taking system as it is a combination of summarising and taking notes along with revising factual content. Make sure that your revision plan allows you to devote adequate time to all the content which you need to cover and adequate time for focusing on the weaker portions. You will get a rough guide by the number of syllabus learning objectives to how much time is required for a given topic but also be aware that the topics with fewer learning objectives may be tougher to master than the ones which have a lot in it. It is much better to break down your revision plan into achievable goals rather than allocating daily time for the entire subject. Set goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. If it helps then you can try making out lists, graphs, and others.

Brush up your problem-solving skills

If you are trying to get an A* in Chemistry, then you need to be prepared for all types of questions. For instance, you may need to face ‘stretch and challenge’ or in exam-board speak, discriminating questions that draw the identification between the top candidates. These question can be of the following types,

  •         Synoptic – May require you to see links between several areas of chemistry and connect them to develop a solution.
  •         Novel – It requires you to apply familiar concepts in unfamiliar contexts.
  •         Unusual – These questions can be baffling and tricky to test you out.

With a strong problem-solving skill, you need to first categorize the type of problem you’re facing, and then move ahead with the correct approach to finally execute the necessary step for reaching your answer without making any mistakes.

By following these methods thoroughly, it will be much easier for you to score A* in A Level Chemistry. You can take help of Miracle Learning Centre, the best chemistry tuition in Singapore. our teachers will be more than happy to help you out.