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Encourage your child to read Science related books and watch science related videos

Encourage your child to read Science related books and watch science related videos

Have you noticed how your child watches his/her favorite TV show? What if they are also taught the toughest concepts of Science in the same way?

Miracle Learning Centre encourages parents to buy Science books for their children to read. The common magazine is Young Scientist.

If your child can read well, you can get the Horrible Science too. At Miracle Learning Centre, science tuition students read the Young Scientist. Encyclopaedias are also available for science tuition students to read and browse as they are waiting for the science tuition class to start.

Miracle Learning Centre encourages students to read Science Publications and we allow them to borrow from the Centre too. During certain science tuition lessons, we show students videos related to the science tuition topics that they are learning too.

Once or twice a year students from Primary 3 to Primary 5 will be given the chance to present their science tuition research and finding on a topic that they are interested in. This will illicit them to think about what they want to talk about and plan how the science tuition presentation is going to be done.

This is very successfully done in Miracle Learning Centre. Students read more in depth into the science tuition topics that they are learning. For example, a student, Anika, did a presentation for circulatory system. She mentioned the differences between artery, vein and capillaries. She further went on to explain how the blood flow into the heart, through the various chambers and finally leave the heart for the lungs and the rest of the body at different stages. This was done by a Primary 5 student and students from other levels can learn from her as well.

Some more innovative students brought their own apparatus to show and demonstrate their science tuition experiment. They look so professional that you could not believe a Primary 4 child could do it all on his own. We usually handicap our children by doing too much for them. If only we could let go and let them have a chance to do more, then they will have the opportunity to show what they are capable of.

A Primary 3 child, Augustine, brought a poster explaining the different parts of the plant, how photosynthesis takes place and the life cycle of a plant. All these have not been thoroughly covered in the Primary syllabus yet. However, the child has managed to find out more on his own and plan his own science tuition presentation.

Other students prefer to choose their own topic rather than be restricted to only school or science tuition topics. We allow that and they identified their own topic. A Primary 5 boy, Jovan, decided he wanted to learn more about cats. His presentation was all about cats. Students learn from others by listening to different presentations too. Teachers and students comment and learn in a positive way.
We also do have our worksheets and notes during term time and drill the children with the facts and the keywords too. These are absolutely necessary to do well in the school examinations.

On top of science tuition worksheets and notes, learning has to be fun and creative. In Miracle Learning Centre, we make learning FUN!!

We encourage students to learn science and try to build their interest and confidence in Science. We implement creative presentations, video lectures, and many other teaching tools in our lectures. Enroll your child into our secondary science tuition, primary science tuition, ip science tuition designed for the students of Singapore and feel the improvement in your wards within a very short span of time.