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Endangerment and Extinction of Species

Endangerment and Extinction of Species

Science tuition class in Miracle Learning Centre is fun and enriching. You will learn about the different aspects of Science and how to learn study skills too. If you do not like or understand science, you must definitely attend the Science tuition class at Miracle Learning Centre to arouse and reignite your interest. Let us learn about Endangerment and Extinction of Species in this Science tuition lesson.

An animal or plant is said to extinct when the last of it has died out. The reasons for its extinction is due to their homes and food being destroyed by changes in climate, diseases, pollution and natural disasters as well as human activities. Some of the examples of extinct creatures include Dodo birds where they were killed for food, Dinosaurs due to the great changes in climate and Heath Hens where they could not adopt to the new environment.

Endangered plants or animals meant that their numbers are decreasing rapidly and they may extinct. Some examples include Rafflesia, Grass fern and Panda. In order to prevent extinction, there are several ways of protecting them such as setting up nature reserves, banning hunting, collecting or trading of these wildlife, protecting their habitats, breeding them in zoo to increase their populations and cloning them in the laboratory.

Man has many human activities that upset the normal life in the forest and river. For example, the rainforests of the world are being cut down at a very fast rate. There are a number of reasons for this is including the global demand for crops that grow best in a tropical climate, like palm oil and soya for cattle, the availability of apparently unused land here and the migration of poor communities into areas of the rainforest.

Forest is therefore being cleared for farms where people can grow large amounts of crops or raise cattle. There is a very complex interdependence of plants and animals. Once an ancient rainforest is cut down, that ecosystem may be gone forever.

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