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Essential science exam skills every student should know

Primary Science Tuition Singapore

Essential science exam skills every student should know

Making your child adept in science is easier said than done. However, a vast range of processes and skills comprising the primary science syllabus can do the wonder. Besides, your child also needs to resort to certain learning approaches to study science effectively. In response to it, your kid can explore the hidden scientific mind within him or her. A mind that is analytical, curious and systematic can surely learn science in the best possible way.

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Common concepts and topics for memorization

One may think that no memorization work is needed in science. This is a wrong thought as science is not only about knowing and applying concepts correctly. So, we recommend your child to remember the following things to ace his or her science exam.

  • Plus points and minus points of some specific methods
  • Topic specific keywords
  • Functions and names of structures and
  • Definition of certain terms

So, your child should keep this factor in mind while preparing for his or her exam. This way your child can crack his or her science exam with flying colors.

Accuracy in answer

The questions in the science exams are quite to-the-point and in-depth at the same time. So, make sure that your child writes answers to these questions that are perfect and crisp as well. Our team of ingenious teachers, hence, advises the following tips to assist your child attain this goal successfully.

  • Use the exact phrasing invariably in the question while creating their answers
  • Write an answer that comes back to the main context of the question. Meanwhile, support your answer with relevant data provided in the question.
  • Answer with precise and to-the-point sentences which should be simple and crisp at the same time

So, once your child knows these three ways of answering, hopefully, he or she can submit the deftest answer sheet.

Analysis of question

Students are most of time uncertain about the various open-ended questions out there. Since, they are confused about what to write, they oftentimes end up cringing all through the exam session. So, while analyzing any question, ask your child to do the following:

  • Analyze the information of graphs and table
  • Compare the different set-ups properly
  • Identify the inferred variable, changed variable or measured variable effectively
  • Identify and then search for clues within the question from the graphs, table, pictures or diagrams provided.
  • Create a mental note on the relevant concepts the question is testing and
  • Identify the relevant topics tested within the question

A deep analysis of any question will sharpen the logical thinking in your child in his or her science exam.

Elimination Method

While attempting Multiple-Choice Questions, ask your child to use the elimination method. Additionally, your child can write his or her thinking process on the paper too. This way your child can write error-free answers and check them properly before submitting.


Aside following the tips given above, avail our top-notch science tuition today. We promise that your child will ace his or her science exam with great success.