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Exam Tips for Scoring PSLE Science

Exam Tips for Scoring PSLE Science

Achieving good marks in Science depends on a lot of factors. Let us take a look at them –

  • Proper understanding of the topics
  • Solid Preparation
  • Knowledge of proper answering techniques
  • Time management skills

Miracle Learning Centre is a very different education center from any other tuition centers of Singapore. We not just give our students the simplest solutions for the complex topics but also show them how to answer the various varieties of questions.

Science is an interesting subject as it gives us a lot of explanations about almost everything going around us. The more you learn Science the more is the possibility of discovering new things. The advancement of Science has made the growth of civilization possible. With more and more development of Science everyday, there are new things coming up for the students to learn. The ministry of education is trying to make the syllabus of Science more and more industry oriented and trying their best to make the students of Singapore more employable.

With the advancement of syllabus, the pattern of questions is also changing, short, to the point, challenging questions have made their way into the syllabus. So it is also becoming essential for the students to be aware of how to answer those challenging questions. There are also a lot of open-ended questions which needs proper understanding to answer properly.

Most of the education centers of Singapore mainly focus on completing the academic syllabus but that is just the half work done. There are a lot of other things remaining undone due to which despite several tries, students fail to improve their grades.

At Miracle Learning Centre, you can take the help of the best science teachers of the country and clear your doubts from then and at the same time learn the different techniques of answering from them. Join our innovative courses of secondary science tuition, primary science tuition, ip science tuition in Singapore and bring in the desired change in your grade card.

PSLE Science students must take note of the following additional points when answering PSLE science questions.

a) If diagrams are needed, diagrams drawn must be clear and simple.
Parts must be clearly labelled.
Use a ruler to draw lines to the side of the diagram for labelling.

b) You may need to draw graphs using the data given.
Check the axis and the units. Ensure they are correct before plotting the points.
Be very clear about what is required.