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Amazing Tips for Excelling in H2 Chemistry

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Amazing Tips for Excelling in H2 Chemistry

Chemistry is an amazing subject if you can enjoy it thoroughly but if doesn’t then it will feel like a big burden. But ignoring chemistry will not make it better, instead, it will create more problems for you. Many students who came to Miracle Learning Centre for Chemistry tuition have expressed that they used to love the subject when they were into lower classes but gradually they have lost interest when they were introduced to A-Level H2 Chemistry.

But we believe that with the right guidance, it won’t be that tough to score high grades in H2 Chemistry. Our expert teachers list a set of principles that you should follow and will eventually be able to excel in H2 Chemistry. So here we go.

Put more hours into practicing harder timed questions

It is a very hard truth that everyone requires to embrace. It is extremely important to spend time sitting down just by yourself and channelize your learning by practicing the use of the concepts of chemistry. Not just mastering the concepts of the task, you also need to practice solving the questions within the mentioned exam time. Several students do not have clear knowledge about the subject. The only way to evaluate your knowledge is by facing off your exam questions under a time trial.

Try to understand every single topic thoroughly

In chemistry, every topic is related to another topic and for that getting lost in one topic massively affects your understanding of the other topics and that is a very hard challenge of chemistry. This also makes it possible that any topic can easily be tested together with another in a single question. And for this it makes it very important to be disciplined, meaning that as soon as the lectures are delivered in school, you should complete the tutorials and the ten-year series. This will make you be able to progress to the other topics when they are being taught. But it is very unfortunate that school tutorials and ten years series only builds the foundation for your H2 Chemistry concepts. You will be needing resources of higher difficulty level if you want to mimic what may come out during the lectures of your school and exams.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help

It is natural to be unsure about any concept, so for that don’t hesitate to seek help. Don’t care that what your friends might think or laugh about and there is no room for feeling harassed. You need to think about your own benefit and clear your doubts. If you accumulate all your doubts for a week it will be very draining. As we said previously that everything is connected and because of that if you accumulate your doubts, you will be unable to complete the questions. That doesn’t mean that the only place to get assistance if from your school. If you think that you are not getting enough help from your school teachers, you can definitely try seeking help from chemistry tuition.

Don’t feel complacent

It is highly recommended to have a constant improvement mentality for your school results as the Bell Curve of A-Level can be very much steep heartlessly. Even if you manage to get an A in your tests or exams, you need to work hard to achieve a higher A! You can also try other school exam papers for testing your abilities.

Try to love the subject

With various real-life applications, chemistry is a very wonderful subject. There are several amazing things that chemistry can introduce you to. It has given us several daily essential objects from skincare products, alcohols, soap, pharmaceutical drugs, materials, glue, etc. Don’t hate a subject in which you can’t achieve the ace if you put complete dedication and ask for assistance you will surely be able to witness results. Don’t feel depressed or frustrated with failure, see it as an opportunity to rise up. Junior College is the place where you need to embrace failure and develop a fighting spirit.

By following these tips you can easily score more in your next H2 Chemistry exam.