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Fun Experiments

Fun Experiments

The main problem that confronts the students having Chemistry subjects in Singapore is the hole between the high demands of concentration that learning requires and the low efforts that students make mainly due to the lack of motivation. But this problem can be diminished if the learning process is filled with the application of friendly presentation, utilization of analogies and the relation with everyday life.

Chemistry has never been fun and kids that love chemistry are seen as geeks. They are the nerds who wear rounded glasses, buried in a book. But that is not the case always, especially when you enroll to chemistry tuition classes where learning is fun!

Today, I am going to introduce to you fun experiments that kids can try with adult supervision, or better still, tutors can engage their students in these experiments at chemistry tuition.

Depending on the age of your students, there are various age appropriate experiments you can try at your next chemistry tuition to help them understand and assimilate the lesson easily.

The easiest and interesting one to try out is the coke and mentos reaction aka the soda geyser reaction. When the mentos is dropped into the soda drink it does through a process called nucleation and thus geysers begin to erupt from the bottle. You can also create a smaller hole in the lid of the bottle such that the geysers go up even higher.

Let’s do a breakdown of the experiment. The soda is full of carbon dioxide which is in form of the bubbles. These bubbles are suspended at the top and as soon as you drop any object, more bubbles form. The reason why the mentos explodes is because the surface is textured with lots of tiny craters. These craters expand in surface area to allow for the nucleation to occur. The mentos also sinks to the bottom of the bottle thus the bubbles formed begins from the bottom all the way to the top. When all of this gas is released, all of the liquid in the bottle erupt in a giant geyser.

So teachers, remember this when you organise the next chemistry tuition and you need to keep your students engaged. There are other experiments to try out that can be related to the topic of the day.

At Miracle Learning Centre we teach all of our students by implementing the above models in our teaching techniques to make the students feel motivated and enrich them with utmost knowledge at every step.

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