Fun Science Facts About Carbon

31 Jan Fun Science Facts About Carbon

Science is a study of living things and the constituents, processes in life around us. We know that a large number of living and non living things in our environment are made of a common building block otherwise known as carbon. Carbon is an essential and important part of a number of living things around us. The atmosphere itself is constituted of about 0.03 % of carbon. Let us consider the science about carbon, its composition. Here are some interesting facts about carbon for science students.
Carbon is a non metal and its atomic number is six, its symbol is C. It can bond with itself and numerous other elements forming over 9 million compounds.
Carbon is seen to be present in all living organisms and in science it is a very basic element in organic chemistry.
Carbon in its elemental form is present in nature as diamond, in its hardest form and as graphite which is the softest form.
There are numerous applications of science involving carbon. It is used as a gemstone (diamond) and for cutting and drilling. In the form of graphite it is used in pencils. Carbon is used to make explosives using principles of chemical science.

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