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Fun Science Facts for Kids

31 Jan Fun Science Facts for Kids

It is fascinating to learn science as it tells us so much about every little thing and process around us. There is science in the sound around us, there is science in the air we breathe, there are science and its application everywhere you look.

You will have heard the term blue-blooded to denote those of royal birth. Did you know that lobsters have blue blood?

Here is another fun science fact, did you know that the peanut is not a nut, it is, in fact, a member of the legume or bean family in plants.

Science tells us, that the majority of the dust that you see around your home is dead skin cells. Did you know that butterflies taste as they walk? Scientists have found that butterflies have taste buds in their feet and taste their food by standing on it.

The number of bones in a full grown adult is 206, in children it is more, 300, as some of the bones haven’t fused as yet.

You would have heard people say, don’t be so hot-headed. Here is the science behind it. The human head loses about 40-50 % of the heat from the body on account of its vast circulatory network.

You have seen that dogs are used for many purposes like searching explosives, rescuing people and everything is dependent on the smelling power of the dogs. But how? Dogs have two different air passages, one for breathing and another for smelling. This allows them to store scents in their nose.

The backbones of cats are very flexible, they don’t have collar bones. When a cat walks, its back paws step in almost exactly the same place that its front paws previously were which allows them to make less noise and fewer track marks.

Did you know that an ostrich can run faster than a horse? But that is not all, a male ostrich can roar like a lion!

Learning should always be fun, without fun there can be no learning. We at Miracle Learning Centre, always look forward to making our lessons innovative, exciting and motivating for our students. Apart from covering the academic syllabus, we also often make students aware about various fun facts and we always try to bring out their curiosity as Science is such a subject which always demands to question from the learners.

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