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General Chemistry

24 Apr General Chemistry

Chemistry is a science that relies on experiments, it involves taking measurements and performing calculations based on those measurements. Chemistry at primary school begins with general chemistry. It is the study of the basic concepts of chemistry which includes knowledge on matter, energy and the reaction between the two. Other sub divisions include acids and bases, atomic structure, periodic table and the most of important of all the chemical reactions.

Atomic Structure

Atoms are made up of a combination of electrons, protons and neutrons. Protons and neutrons are formulated as the nucleus (center) with electrons being the outer shell. The nucleus is positively charged, and the electrons is negatively charged. Atoms are generally very small in size at around 100 picometres. The study of atomic structure revolves around understanding the compositions of atoms, isotopes and ions.

Chemical Bonding

Chemical bonding is also considered as one of the most important chapter while learning about chemistry. The study of the bond between the atoms and molecules with ionic and covalent bonding is taught as one of the most important concepts of chemistry.

Solutions and Mixtures

It involves the study of collides, suspensions and dilutions. An important aspect of chemistry is learning about different forms of solutions and mixtures and their calculations.

Periodic Table

A systematic manner of organizing chemical elements. The arrangement is in the form of atomic numbers in rows so that the elements of similar atomic structure appear in columns. The table is considered as the most important module to educate children with the base of chemistry. Teachers generally explain the table in a manner that children can grasp it easily. Some students still struggle to understand for which they opt for private chemistry tuition after school hours. It is a complex table but once understood the subject becomes interesting by itself! All these topics can be learnt during chemistry tuition lessons.

Chemistry is a fundamental subject which accounts for life at the molecular level. But a majority of the students do not feel motivated or interested in this subject. Most students feel this subject to be bland and boring and they do not plan to pursue a career in Chemistry. They take chemistry simply because those courses are prerequisites for degrees in the field of their interests, medical science, pharmacy, engineering etc. Chemistry contains abstract concepts in abundance number which requires time and effort commitments from the students. This contrast between high demands and low inputs results in unsatisfactory performance from the student’s side and frustration on the instructor’s side.

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