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Get A Clear View Of Organic Chemistry For Second Semester In Our Chemistry Tuition

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Get A Clear View Of Organic Chemistry For Second Semester In Our Chemistry Tuition

Organic chemistry is a very interconnected branch of science. Already in the first semester, you may have seen that in organic chemistry, one topic connects to another in such a way that without getting the complete grasp of the previous one, it is hard to master the consequent topics.  Before moving further we need to take a look at the typical organic chemistry topics of the first semester which you may have learned in your chemistry classes or chemistry tuitions centre

  •         Nomenclature
  •         Acid-Base Equilibrium
  •         Bonding and Resonance
  •         Stereochemistry
  •         Substitution and Elimination Reactions
  •         Alkenes and their Reactions
  •         Let’s take a brief look over them.


This is one of those few topics which surfaces with you throughout the entire course and will come back again and again whenever you are trying to start a new chapter. The language of organic chemistry is Nomenclature, so you need to know how to properly name molecules. It is emphasized more than others by some instructors. It is important for standardized exams.

Acid-Base Equilibrium

While you may have seen acid-base related questions in the first semester, those usually were separate questions. In the second semester, you will be more often be using Acid-Base Chemistry (ABC) concepts as a part of a question. Previously you would always be asked to choose the strongest acid, or rank those acids, or find the best base, etc but in the second semester, you will have to do it on your own.

Bonding and Resonance

Can you remember all the pesky resonance structures you needed to draw for all of those carbocations? Well, you will still need them with you. You will have to use resonance more in the second semester of organic chemistry, than the first semester. You will have to explain a large number of reactivity and mechanisms using the resonance structures. So ensure that you review your resonance structures and how to deal with them.

For bonding, you will not be able to learn about any such new information. It is going to be the same old σ- and π-bonds. It will be somewhat important for remembering the 3D orientations of the orbitals. But those will exactly be the same type of questions which you may have already seen when dealing with resonance. You will need to apply the concepts of resonance and bonding towards solving the problems.


Though Stereochemistry is important, you will not have to deal with it much in the second semester. Well not exactly that, but you will not be studying anything new regarding stereochemistry among the second-semester topics. It is always going to be a topic which you want to keep on the back of your hand as it can pop up at any point in time.

Substitution and Elimination and Reactions of Alkenes

A topic which deals with reactions is not completely “fundamental’ topics. They build on top of the fundamentals like bonding and ABC. But however, reactions are still important. SO don’t make any mistake by thinking that you will never have to deal with alcohol or alkenes again as they were a part of the last semester. If you’re rusty on the first semester reactions, you’ll have a really hard time with the end of the second-semester material.

So now let’s take a look ahead into what are you going to have in Organic Chemistry 2?

There are some important and mandatory topics that everyone has to deal with in the second semester:

  •         Aromaticity and Reactions of Aromatic Compounds
  •         Chemistry of Aldehydes and Ketones (plus enols and enolates)
  •         Chemistry of Carboxylic Acids and Their Derivatives
  •         Amines and N-containing compounds

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