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Head Scratchers at Chemistry Tuition

Head Scratchers at Chemistry Tuition

Hi, and welcome back to your Chemistry Tuition. We hope you have been enjoying your recent classes and practicing your everyday science as well.

Today, in your Chemistry Tuition we are going to present you with some more chemistry facts that will leave you in puzzlement. So let us start:

  1. Did you know the airbags in your car are filled with salt sodium azide, which is extremely toxic? Well, do not you worry they do not mean to poison you. So during a collision, an electric impulse is triggered by the car’s sensor which results in the transformation of the salts into nitrogen gas because of the increased rate in the temperature.
  2. Ever thought about comparing a diamond with graphite? Well, who can compare a jewel with a pencil lead, isn’t it? But do you know they are made up of the same element? That is true. Both of them are entirely made up of carbon and nothing else.

These are the properties of diamond. Diamond has a high melting point as it is bonded tetrahedrally by strong covalent bonds. It is insoluble due to the strong bond holding the atoms together. It cannot conduct as all four electrons had been used up for bonding. There are no free ions or electrons for conduction of electricity.

It is very very hard. It is bonded tetrahedrally by strong covalent bonds and forms a macromolecular structure.

These are the properties of graphite. It has a high melting point. It is insoluble due to the strong bond holding the atoms together. It can conduct as only three out of four electrons are used in bonding. The remaining electron is free and can conduct electricity. It is soft and slippery. The layers of atoms are held together by weak forces. It enables the layers to slide over one another easily. It can be used for lubrication.

Our body, yes ours, consists of enough graphite inside of it to produce roughly 9000 pencils!

Tires are giant sized rubber pieces, so it may seem like that they must be made up of many different molecules but rubber tires are actually made of one massive chain link of polymers which makes it just one single molecule!

Well, let those facts sink in you for a while and we will be back soon with our next session of Chemistry Tuition. Till then stay tuned.

Learning becomes fun and exciting when facts like these are implemented in the teaching techniques.

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