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How does a crane work?

How does a crane work?

Welcome back to your physics tuition. Every one of you must have seen a crane. It is present on construction sites of buildings, bridges, roads and so on. It is primarily used to lift heavy loads from some place to another. Do you know how it can lift such heavy weights? Why not ask this question in your physics tuition class and your physics tuition teacher will more than happy to give you the answer. A crane is a machine that can lift and move heavy loads. It is mainly used in the construction of buildings and bridges and in the handling of large weights. Its name comes from its resemblance to crane bird which has a long neck.

Although crane has been in use since ancient times, their widespread use only started in the 19th century with the development of steam engines, internal combustion engines and electric motors.

Basically the cranes are of two types: fixed and mobile. The mobile cranes are more common. Some have a jib or boom that can move up and down, and can swing around in a circle or slew. Some other forms a bridge and can lift up and down, move it along a track, and move it from side to side above the construction site.

A common crane is a crawler. It is mounted on a vehicle with wheels. These cranes are mainly used for civil engineering and construction work. They can lift heavy loads up to around 80 metric tons (72 tons) and can have a boom length of 30 m (100 ft) or more.

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