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How does a refrigerator work?

28 Apr How does a refrigerator work?

Physics can be very interesting to learn about. Bad sadly not many students like the subject. But that is not their fault, they simply have never been taught the right way. Physics has a lot of answers and explanations. Even about simple things which happen around us but we have never tried to know about their working principles. Students often complain about Physics to be bland and underwhelming. But have you ever thought that how a small crane does lifts so much weight? Have you been told that what exactly is inside a fridge which makes it keep all the food items so fresh?

Your physics tuition always brings you interesting and thought provoking stories that you will love to read. Here is another interesting question from your physics tuition. We all use refrigerators in our home. Do you know how a refrigerator works? Refrigerator is an electrically operated device in which food materials can be preserved for many days. The working principle behind it is liquid that absorbs heat when it is converted into vapor and heat is evolved when the vapor is again converted into liquid.
The working principle of a domestic refrigerator is as follows: The compression and absorption systems cool by changing a refrigerant from a liquid into the gaseous state and back into the liquid again. It consists of a compressor and a metal tube. Freon gas is filled into the storage tank. When the machine is switched on, Freon liquid leaves the storage tank at high pressure. It travels through pipes to the refrigerant control device. These pipes act as an evaporator. The liquid Freon absorbs the heat from pipes and gets evaporated. As the heat is drawn out, the temperature inside the cabinet and that of food materials falls. Freon gas is now again converted into liquid by the condenser coils and the compressor. This cycle continues and the temperature inside the cabinet goes on falling. When the temperature inside the cabinet reaches an optimum value; a thermostat control cuts off the electric power and refrigerator stops. Again the temperature starts rising. When it reaches a certain mark thermostat control again starts the machine. In this way a constant low temperature is maintained inside the cabinet. Due to the low temperature the food substances do not get spoiled. We hope you enjoyed this lesson from physics tuition. We will be back with more such interesting findings in our next physics tuition.

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