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 Effective Ways to Encourage Your Child

 Effective Ways to Encourage Your Child

Your kids need you to be beside them at every point. Parenting is a very tough job but it is really important to motivate and encourage your child during their hardest times so that they can learn how to deal with challenges.

Feeling the stress for your children in the upcoming PSLE examinations? Yet, your child does not seem to be much affected by their PSLE. They spend their time in front of the TV, computer screens, iPads and the like. And you watch with growing frustration with the desire to yell at them…

Encountered these? Well, I believe many parents face these issues. You might want to try out these ideas and test them if they work.

1. Parental Involvement is the Key. Countless studies show that parental involvement is the number one factor on how the child does well in school, regardless of background. Be patient yet insistent. Do not insult or downplay your child. Your child needs much encouragement at this period. Be firm but try not to lose your temper as much as possible. Having a negative posture or outlook may send a negative message to your child, further demoralizing him.

2. Organizing their time. Providing a well-balanced life is a strong foundation for getting straight As. There must be an agreement between you and your child on how long he should study, what subjects to study, relax on the TV or computer and his meal times. Structuring bed times is also crucial as there must be sufficient rest for the next day. Providing nourishing meals are signs of love from you to your child. (Even if he/she does not seem to show it.)

3. Bite sizing study times. If your child has short attention spans, revision timing can be kept short but frequent. Your child may study for 30 minutes before breaking off for 30 minutes entertainment before coming back for another 30 minutes. If your child can focus for longer periods, by all means adjust.

4. Ensure conducive study environments. Though challenging, it is best your child is encouraged not to study on beds. Tables should not face TV or any computers. Keep snacks only for the break times and not during the study period else they may be too busy eating.

5. Making learning fun. You may have a busy schedule and find there might not be enough time. However, you can relate your work if possible to what he studies to further spark his interest. (For example, Mathematics or Science in business, cooking, etc) If time permits, you could do role-play with your child by making him the Teacher. You could do a fun quiz too!

Hope all these helps!!

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