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How to handle exam stress

How to handle exam stress

So the big examination day is approaching. You have studied well and attended your classes and tuition. Yet, you are extremely anxious and stressed out about the ordeal. What is going to be the question like? How will your performance be? How to prepare at the last minutes? All these questions as well many other questions begin to pop inside your head. Today we are going to take a look at how to control such stress and how to be prepared in the best possible way for taking on the big day.

Focus on the controllable things
Well, the first and foremost thing you have to do is stop speculating; rather you should concentrate on the controllable things. If you have not completed a part of the syllabus or if you are not confident in a particular area, this is absolutely and without a doubt, the wrong time to think about that. Instead, you should focus on your strong areas and should revise the stuff about which you feel assured. This will help you to build up confidence and to maximise your score.

Avoid all nighters at all costs
This is extremely important. Never study for long periods of time before your exam and studying by staying up for the entire night is absolutely not recommended. If you are trying to cover up some portions of the syllabus which you have not studied, it is better to leave those parts. If you try to gobble a lot of stuff up just before your exams, the chances are high that you will not remember much of those. Not only that, it is very likely that you might end up forgetting things which you have already studied. As a result, it is never a good idea to learn new things just before the exam.
The exam is like a metal marathon and it is extremely important that you avoid mental fatigue. Sleep well, drink a lot of water and stay healthy. In this way, you will be in the best possible shape to take on the big day.

Stay healthy
It is very important that you look after your health especially before the days of your exams. Eat normally and in copious amounts. Drink a lot of water. On the day of the exam, make sure you have a good breakfast/lunch and ensure that you are properly hydrated.

Formulate and follow a strategy
It is very important to formulate a strategy about how you are going to approach your exams. For example, some students prefer to scan the entire set of questions first and then attempt those first which they feel confident about. There are others who prefer to attempt a question as soon as they see it without wasting any further time. You can follow either of these approaches – whichever you feel suits you but it is important to have a “Plan B”. For example, suppose you get stuck on a question or encounter a question for which you know the answer but you are not able to recall the concept. In such cases, always skip the question without wasting any further time and proceed with the other questions. Once you are done with all the other stuff, if you have time, you can always return to the particular question and give it another go.

At the end of the day, exams are all about handling stress. The more relaxed you are, the more likely it is that you are going to do well. Mental fatigue also plays an important role. Always avoid studying for the entire night or for long periods at a stretch just before the exams. Rather, focus on the controllable things and revising the stuff you have already studied in order to maximise your score. Best of luck!