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How to Help Your Child Learn Lower Primary Math Effectively?


How to Help Your Child Learn Lower Primary Math Effectively?

Maths is a mandatory subject that is introduced at a really early stage. After all, it is one of the subjects that has a major role of application in our everyday life. If the foundation or basics of maths is not clear then students can face great difficulties in the future.

To overcome the challenges of mathematics, several parents look for expert maths tuition Singapore where their children can join. Aside from that, the trick to make this subject relevant in your child’s life is to utilize mathematics in activities that your child is fond of doing or finds interesting.

Some ways in which you can help your child learn lower primary math effectively are enumerated here. Continue to read till the end to find out.

Get your child to be at action

This means that maths can be incorporated with real-life scenarios to make it more relatable. School classes are merely any fun but when the classes are engaging and fun then it is seen that students are able to grasp the topics in a better way.

There are many secondary maths tuition that design their classes in such a way where real-life scenarios are used to teach the students. Whether it is through the use of hand-on activities or any games, this type of approach helps a lot.

Involve in Counting Money

One of the best ways for young minds to be involved in mathematics without having to sit and solve is to start by counting money. This simple task can do wonders to improve your child’s adding and subtraction skills along with other basic mathematical lessons such as division and multiplication.

Start by giving your child a small weekly allowance and devising a plan of spending it. This is not only effective to teach simple mathematics but also enables your child to learn management of money.

Recognition of Shapes & Patterns

Geometry is another category in mathematics that plays a key role. By recognizing shapes and patterns, your child can master geometry. Ask your child to look for primary shapes such as triangles, rectangles, squares, etc. at home or even when you are out.

Take examples from nearby structures or items. This way your child will be more accustomed with the shapes and patterns than learning simply from the school textbooks.

Engaging with Maths Vocabulary

An integrated approach towards this subject helps children be aware of the concepts that are related to it. Therefore, engaging your child with mathematical vocabulary will enable them to get better accustomed with the varied concepts.

For example, ask your child with simple addition exercises which can help them become quicker in solving mental arithmetics. Similarly, there are more other ways in which you can include maths into vocabulary.


There are several maths tuition in Singapore that aids teaching children lower mathematics effectively. Additionally, you can also incorporate the above mentioned activities to achieve the goal of teaching maths and help students overcome the challenges that they might struggle with.