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How to high score for the PSLE science open-ended questions

How to high score for the PSLE science open-ended questions

Science never stands still at a place. Scientists are restless, they are always trying to find out new things, new solutions, etc. With this advancement of Science, the Ministry Of Education is also trying to make the syllabus more advanced for the students. Most of the things that a student learn in school do not prove to be useful in the line of duty, during the job they are again made to go through on job training to make them accustomed with the job role. But companies and industries are now trying to cut down the expenses because the falling of international GDP day by day is proving to be harmful to many big businesses. So these companies are now cutting down on job training and are looking for trained employees. So the government is trying to make the syllabus more advanced and practical based so that students can be more employable.

The exam patterns are also changing every day. The questions now days are short and are to be answered to the point. There are also open-ended questions which are tricky questions and needs to be answered tactfully.

PSLE Science students need to take note of the following to ensure a high score for the PSLE science open-ended questions.

Take note of all the questions mentioned in Part 2. They are

Did you underline the keywords in the science question and in the data given?

Did you underline the aim of the experiment?

Did you underline the constant variable and the changed variable?

Did you underline the axis of the graph/reading of the graph if any?

If diagrams are present, be sure to underline the variables.

(E.g. in the dark, bubbles, wood, aluminum)

Be absolutely clear about what the question is asking for.

Determine the TOPIC for the question or is it a combination of topics.

Apply the science CONCEPTS needed to deduce the answer.

Think and write down all the necessary scientific KEYWORDS that can be used for that topic. (Use scientific terms)

Put the keywords together and format a complete answer.

Some points to note:

  1. State the units where necessary.
  2. For finding the number of food chains in a food web, use different colored pencils.


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