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How to study for maths

How to study for maths

Maths being the most unpopular subject among the student gets avoided the most too. Many students feel a fear in Maths which is caused due to uncleared doubts and concepts of Maths. Many formulas and subjects of Maths may seem to be hard but a great Maths teacher will always try to show the students the simplest way around it.

Maths is a practical subject in which scoring marks is very easy. The subject is straight forward and it demands straight answers from students. If you have the correct answer and the perfect solution then you will be easily getting high marks and even full marks!

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1. Take slow but steady steps. Always study early instead of cramming everything on the day or night before a test or an exam. You should always start studying a little ahead of the test or exam. Revise a little each day.

2. Sufficient sleep. Having enough rest will help you to concentrate better when you take the paper instead of feeling restless.

3. Make a list of important concepts and formulas. Review your notes and make a concise list of important concepts and formulas and make sure to know them and how to apply them in questions and problems.

4. Redo homework questions. Do not just read through them. Redoing them will help you to remember past concepts which you might have forget.

5. While doing a lot of problem sums, look out for similarities in the way the questions are asked and how the solutions are written out. This will make it easier if you come across similar looking questions in tests or exams.

6. Do a practice test or exam paper. Give yourself a time limit and don’t use your notes. Simulating an exam environment will help to see if you are able to solve questions under such circumstances.

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Unlike other subjects, in the case of Maths, you need to think clearly, learn with dedication and understand properly. This is not a subject where you can just memorize a number of formulas and techniques and appear for an exam. In our classes of secondary maths tuition, primary mathematics tuition, JC maths tuition offered for the students of Singapore, you will not only learn Maths solutions, but you will be taught how to attempt a sum, how to manage time, how to score more with fewer efforts, how to prepare for an exam and how to answer each question tactfully. With all of these, we can guarantee you that there will be no more fear of Maths.