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What is the Importance of Chemistry in Medicine?

What is the Importance of Chemistry in Medicine?

In our chemistry tuition today, we will learn about and understand the crucial role played by chemistry in medicine

Do you know that a majority of drugs which are used for treating, curing and preventing a disease or disorder are made of some chemicals?

Keeping the above question in mind, study and knowledge of chemistry are very indispensable for professionals involved in the healthcare sector including doctors, nurses and pharmacists as well.The fact cannot be held for denial that chemistry is very significant in every aspect of the day-to-day life of healthcare professionals. This is because it’s thoroughly involved in the principles of sanitation, sterilization, drug, diagnose, etc.

Besides drug substances, chemistry is also important in other aspects of medical systems like in the principles of sterilization, sanitation, diagnosis, disease course, etc. Thus chemistry helps to give proper medical support to the patients without any errors.

It’s true that most of the time a number of drugs are advised to a person for treatment purpose. Chemistry is a great part of medicine. It’s needed when you want to become a doctor other than being a diagnostic tool. The importance of chemistry is not only in developing but testing medicines and treatments.

Let’s have a brief look at the various roles that Chemistry plays in Medicine.

Chemistry is essential for knowing the actual composition of the drug. The label on the package of tablets or other medicines tells us about ingredients besides the active drug constituent. With knowledge of Chemistry, the medical personnel to know what the role of that composition is, how it should be used, etc.

Medicines that we use have several chemical properties like acidic, alkaline, oil-soluble, water-soluble, etc. The knowledge of Chemistry helps a doctor to know about the chemical nature of medicine and how it is going to act.

Knowledge of Chemistry plays a crucial role in predicting drug interactions. Most of the time multiple drugs are given to a person as part of treatment but Chemistry helps to predict if it can lead to any drug interactions.

With the help of Chemistry, many diseases or disorders can be easily diagnosed. For example, blood glucose levels, blood cholesterol levels can be quickly diagnosed by using these chemical tests.

So we think that now you have a clear understanding that how much important Chemistry is. But if you do not enjoy the things which you are being taught then the learning process is left half done. At Miracle Learning Centre we always try to make you feel interested and motivated for each subject by making our teaching techniques filled with fun and excitement. We have some of the best teachers with us who are extremely patient and friendly and will always try to show you the simplest solution for every problem.

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