Introduction to Miracle Learning Centre with a quote

04 Feb Introduction to Miracle Learning Centre with a quote

Have you heard of Miracle Learning Centre?
We have been discussing about Primary Science and Primary Maths. Let me give you a short introduction to Miracle Learning Centre.
Miracle Learning Centre Pte Ltd started in 2008 as a centre specializing in Mathematics and Science (Primary, Secondary, JC).
We were founded with one simple aim – “achieving excellence in mathematics and science”, we have been able to stay focused, and deliver consistent results.
We must be doing something right!
The steady yearly increase in our enrolment across all levels tells us so.
After your child’s Primary school education, they will proceed to secondary school. We have vast experience in Secondary school Maths and Science education. Hence, remember to come back to us.
This is what Jolene Loh from Fairfield Methodist has to tell you:

For your information, Jolene continued her education with us doing JC Chemistry.
She is a student in Hwa Chong Institution.

Be sure not to miss out on any events or science tuition classes at Miracle Learning Centre!

This quote is for you too. Make full use of it.
“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
― Albert Einstein
Miracle Learning Centre believes that every child is a miracle. With that belief, we work to develop the very best in every child.
Every child has the ability to create more miracles in his/her lifetime than we can ever imagine. We have to encourage them and support them all the way.
You are a MIRACLE too! Together we can create miracles to help our kids and ourselves.

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