Miracle Learning Center

Introduction to Miracle Learning Centre

Introduction to Miracle Learning Centre

Miracle Learning Centre Pte Ltd started in 2008 as a centre specializing in Mathematics and Science. Centrally and conveniently located in Bukit Timah, it has seen a steady increase in the number of students yearly for all levels, with a goal of achieving excellence in Mathematics and Science subjects.

Majority of our teachers are ex-school teachers who are extremely patient, caring and well-versed in their particular subject area. Parents can be rest assured knowing that our teachers will always do their best to help every student excel and improve.

The size of each class is intentionally kept small to maximise student-teacher interaction. This is to ensure each student’s need is met.

Miracle Learning Centre focuses mainly on the concepts at the beginning. Then we further explain the concepts through questions in the worksheets. Nearly all our teachers are ex-school teachers. Our teachers are extremely patient and caring. They are well-versed in their particular subject area and always do their best to help every student. Our class size is small and it helps us to cater to each student’s needs.

Miracle Learning Centre specialises in Mathematics and Science For Primary, Secondary(including IP) and JC.
For Primary School, we cover Mathematics and Science.

For Secondary, ‘O’ level and IP, we cover Additional Mathematics, Elementary Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Science.

For JC, we cover Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Economics.
We have our own set of specially designed notes and worksheets for the various subjects. Each worksheet helps students to understand the topic at a deeper level and uncover any misconceptions that the student may have. By going through these worksheets and notes, students are well-prepared for their examinations in school.