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IP Chemistry Tuition – Question and Answer

IP Chemistry Tuition – Question and Answer

1          At which temperature does a dilute aqueous solution of sodium chloride begin to boil?


A          96oC                                         B          99oC

C          100oC                                       D          104oC



2          Which diagram represents the arrangement of particles in a gas?

IP Chemistry Tuition Singapore Practice Question and Answer


3          The table shows the boiling points of the elements found in a sample of liquid air.
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Which elements would be gaseous at –190 °C?


A          argon, helium and nitrogen

B          argon, nitrogen and oxygen

C          helium, neon and nitrogen

D          helium, oxygen and neon


4          An element X forms a positive ion with the electronic structure 2,8,8.

What is the proton (atomic) number of X?


A          16                                            B          17

C          18                                            D          19



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