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JC chemistry data booklet

28 Apr JC chemistry data booklet

Students of various Junior Colleges of Singapore, face the daunting challenge of studying more advanced and comprehensive subjects as compared to secondary schools. Chemistry is one of those challenging subjects which various students around the world find to be very boring and bland and always try to evade. Students learn Chemistry not because they want to explore it more or because of their love towards it, they learn it just to pass the exams as this subject is a mandatory one.

Many students seek out tuitions to get help with their studies however even after enrolling to tuition centers many students still don’t achieve the desired results. But why is that?

Let’s first try to understand some of the challenges that the students face in JC Chemistry. By far the biggest challenge they face is that the content becomes more analytical and deduction based and this demands the student to learn Chemistry in an application based way rather than a memorizing it.

The organic chemistry topics need detailed illustrations which many students face difficulties with. There again some tactical open-ended questions which need to be answered tactfully and technically so that the grades get increased.

But with various challenges on the hand, not many students actually get to learn how to deal with them as the various institutes, schools and teaching centers often do not talk or teach these things to the students.

The main reason for this amazing subject of Chemistry to be branded as bland and boring is the primitive teaching methods used by the various education centers of Singapore.

Miracle Learning Centre was started with only one aim which to end these boring teaching methods and give students the fun of learning. With the best teachers of Singapore, we have enriched our faculty team and they are extremely patient and never stop until each and every student of the class have been able to understand the topic.

We always try to teach our students with fun and innovation and for that, we have implemented innovative games, presentations, videos, etc, through which we provide fun and learning at every step of our lectures.

With our classes of A level chemistry tuition, O level chemistry tuition, JC chemistry tuition in Singapore many struggling students have been able to understand the difficult topics of JC Chemistry easily and have increased their grades gradually within a short span of time.

Students and teachers and friends, you are welcome to get this FREE colourful JC Chemistry data booklet from us.

This JC chemistry data booklet is useful for all A level and IB students taking Chemistry.

Miracle Learning Centre Pte Ltd hopes this can help all students in their studies in Chemistry.

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