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How to choose the Best JC Subject Combination for Yourself?

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How to choose the Best JC Subject Combination for Yourself?

After finishing school, the next big step in your life lies with higher studies and in this step, junior colleges play huge importance. They are the ones which prepare you for the next big stages of your student life which is the University!  So, before you choose your subject combinations, then you should first check out the admission criteria of all the other universities. In this blog, we from Miracle Learning Centre, the most sought after chemistry tuition in Singapore, will be spilling out the beans which are necessary to check before choosing a JC Subject Combination.

Identify your strengths

Firstly you need to find out what your strengths are. Suppose for example you are very much interested or feel attracted to H2 Chemistry, then you must include it in your H2 subjects. Keep in mind that compared to subjects of O-Level, subjects at A-level have a much broader and in-depth scope. You will also be able to see differences in the way of teaching and what is actually expected from you to do. So for that, you must be somehow good at it and must be a subject you enjoy and can easily handle.

Go for subjects which opens up more university course options

If you are intending to take up a major in science in the future then you should definitely include Chemistry as one of your H2 subjects. In most of the science courses, you will find that it is mandatorily required. You can also consider taking up chemistry tuition in Singapore right from the very beginning because it is very demanding for  H2 Chemistry in A-levels and you will need to build a strong foundation of the content right from the beginning.  It may also be necessary to study Biology or to take up some other assessments before applying for the universities if you are planning to study Medicine in foreign countries. Local requirements require you to have an A grade in H2 Chemistry and a good pass in either H2 Physics/ Biology. For being completely sure you need to check the requirements of the universities which you are choosing. Whether you are at H1 and H2 level, you should include math as one of your subjects. As it is interconnected with a lot of other Science subjects, a good grade or even a pass in Math is also included in several university admission criteria. If you are having a mature mind and you can express your thoughts logically and clearly in essays, then no matter in H1 or at H2, you should consider including Economics as one of your subjects. With this, you will be able to have a micro and macro view of society’s financial workings. But make it very clear in your mind that it is not that easy to score in Economics so choose wisely. But after all of this, if you are still not sure about the subject combinations, then you can follow the following if you meet the minimum criteria and most of the Junior Colleges offer the PCME combination –

  • H2: Physics, Chemistry, Maths; H1: Economics.
  • H2: Chemistry, Economics, Maths, H1: Physics/ Biology

It is one of the most versatile combinations that allow you to enter any most of the courses in the local universities. Like as an instance – Law, Medicine, Engineering, Accountancy, and Finances.

Edge Over Others

Don’t forget to take up four subjects at the H2 level if you are trying to apply for a Singapore Government scholarship. You must be consistent in your performance and work throughout the entire J1 and J2 for getting a Scholarship. But not just this, your non-academic contributions/performance in school will also be assessed.

While you are choosing your subject choices, do remember to keep the future in mind. Think about what subjects or careers might you want to pursue, keep in mind that you will require a certain A-levels for some degree courses. Some universities may have preferred subjects. If you need any additional help then you should definitely consult with a proficient Chemistry Tuition in Singapore.

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