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Kinaesthetic learning style for kids

Kinaesthetic learning style for kids

It is possible to identify a kinaesthetic learner as he cannot sit still for long periods of time. He does not have good handwriting nor spelling skills. He likes to take breaks while he is studying and is good at sports.

Kinaesthetic learners are those who learn through experiencing things. He loves activities such as cooking, construction, engineering, and art to help them perceive and learn. He relies on what they can directly experience or perform.

He is fidgety during lessons and speaks with their hands and with gestures. He chooses to sit near the door or someplace else where he can easily get up and move around. Rather than just sitting and listening to the teacher, he enjoys field trips and tasks that involve manipulating materials.

Here are some of the characteristics of a kinaesthetic learner –

  • Great hand-eye coordination
  • Quick reactions
  • Excellent motor memory
  • Excellent experiments
  • Good at sports
  • Perform well in art and drama
  • High energy level

As a parent or teacher, we can help the kinaesthetic learner by giving them short breaks while they are studying. Give them a variety of types of lessons like role-playing, laboratory work, taking field trips and visiting educational places (e.g. museums).

Use games to create a change of style and let them have a chance to experience learning through the action like using memory cards or bring a card from their sitting position to the whiteboard.

Start them short and simple work like fill in the blanks, multiple choice questions, and short answer questions. They will feel unhappy and threatened if they are given long tests and essays immediately after learning. They find it difficult and hard to handle. Even though they do not verbalize it, they gradually lose interest in learning and motivating them to learn again will be difficult.

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