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Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory Equipment

Chemistry which is almost every time branded as a bland and boring subject has a lot of fun packed inside it which sadly not many of the students are aware of. But one thing that every student loves about Chemistry is the lab experiments. When the students are introduced to the lab experiments they get excited and never tries to miss those once a week classes.

The primary rule of any laboratory is to be safe! Chemistry laboratory at school highly differs from universities. While the later uses specialized and more in-depth laboratory equipment, primary and secondary school students are just made aware of the basic chemistry tools. Safety protocols are kept for a reason and it is the responsibility for everyone to follow them in order to avoid any accidents. At school, teachers are entitled to wear laboratory coats upon entering the laboratory. At early grades, students are not required to any sort of precaution considering they just enter the laboratory to see the experiments. Upon reaching senior school, students are required to follow the same protocol as the teachers for e.g. wearing lab coats and goggles while conducting any experiment. Latex gloves are used to prevent any corrosive chemicals from spilling onto the hands. Safety goggles are compulsory for all chemistry labs. To avoid putting a danger to the eye, goggles are necessary to be worn by those performing experiments. A small droplet of an acid splash could put a permanent damage to the eye. A laboratory coat or apron is another necessity to avoid the spills touch the body. Everyone entering the laboratory is advised to avoid wearing high heel sandals or open toed shoes.

Chemistry tuition generally do not cover laboratory experiments as it is impossible to demonstrate experiments at home. Teachers who conduct tuition or extra classes after school hours, can still make it possible to practically exhibit the experiments. Chemistry tuition are generally conducted to cover the theoretical part of chemistry.

Other laboratory tools include a beaker, droppers, test tubes, watch glasses, spatulas, bunsen burners etc. Each laboratory equipment has its own properties and use. Depending on the place of use, the laboratory equipment differs. For example, in a school setting the equipment used is very basic as compared to the tools used at a university setting.

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