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Last minute PSLE Science tips to ace your exam

Last minute PSLE Science tips to ace your exam

Last minute PSLE Science tips to ace your exam

Every student is different and they all may have different needs. Some student starts early for their exams and slowly and steadily they achieve their preparation for the exam. The other half starts late and sometimes even just before the final day of the exam and within one night almost completes the whole syllabus. But this is not the best way to study.

At Miracle Learning Centre, our teachers will help you learn the critical branches of Science at our classes of secondary science tuition, primary science tuition, IP science tuition in Singapore and will also show you the way to score more with lesser efforts. All our faculty members are NIE trained and are undoubtedly some of the best and leading teachers of Singapore. They all are highly patient with our students and always tries their best to encourage and motivate our students. They never stop until each and every student has learned the lesson.

Preparation is the most important part of any exam but there are a few other things connected with that which is also important for a student to increase his/her grades. Our teachers will make you aware of those tips and suggestions.

PSLE Science students must test yourself by doing the PSLE science paper uninterrupted within the time limit.

You need to time yourself for the test before the PSLE Science Examinations.
This will help to ensure that you are aware of the time allocation and will not be unable to finish the paper.

If you see a question that you are not sure and need more time, put a question mark and come back to it later. The worst nightmare is to spend too much time on one question and have no time for the other EASY ones at the end.

Check that you have done the following after the test:
Underline the necessary keywords.
Put crosses or ticks on the options.
Put question marks for those questions/options that you are unsure of.
Accounted for all the marks in Section B.
Have a score chart to record your marks.
List the topics that you need to revise before you attempt the next paper.
Do a self evaluation and write down what you can do to improve your score for the next test.
Record what you have done well for this test too and praise yourself. (e.g. I had no careless mistakes!!)
Have you revised the previous paper before attempting this paper?
How much time did you have left for checking?