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Learn about one-way mirrors with Primary 4 Science tuition

Primary 4 Science Tuition

Learn about one-way mirrors with Primary 4 Science tuition

Understand one-way mirrors with Primary 4 Science tuition


In every cop film, at a point in time, you must have seen a criminal interrogation in the room where many officers are observing him from some other room via a one-way mirror. The criminals cannot see the officers but only the officers can. You must think about how a mirror reflects only on one side but is seen through on the other side. That is all because of the features of a one-way mirror. If you find any difficulty to understand Science then join a trusted primary 5 science tuition centre. Read this post to know about one-way mirrors.


Know what is one-way mirror with primary 6 science tuition:


A one-way mirror is that kind of mirror which is partially transparent and partially reflective. This reflection is produced by a thin metal coating on the mirror’s surface. The amount of reflected light highly depends on the thickness of the metal coating. One-way mirrors are used only if the lighting on the room’s reflective side is dimmer than the room’s lighting on the transparent side. You can gain knowledge of science by engaging with a reliable primary 4 science tuition in Singapore. Contact a Science tuition in Singapore.


More about one-way mirrors:



  • What is the difference between a regular mirror and a one-way mirror?


A mirror is a smooth surface which reflects almost every light which strikes it. The surfaces have to be smooth because rough surfaces disperse light instead of reflecting it. Conventionally, the mirrors are made up of clear glass having a coat of aluminium, silver or even tin. It is called silvering and, it ensures that light is reflected to the person who stands in front of the mirror. When we talk about one-way mirrors, the reflective coating is thin, when compared to any regular mirror. The layers of the one-way mirror are thin, and just half of the light only reflects anyone standing in front of one w-way mirror and the rest of it goes through the pane permitting those to see through on the other side. If you want to gain knowledge of some interesting facts then you can reach out to the best Science tuition in Singapore.


  • Learn how does a one-way mirror work from Science tuition in Singapore.


One-way mirrors do not exist because they violate physics laws. Lighting is the main thing which plays a pivotal role in these mirrors. To make a one-way mirror properly, the side of the observer has to be kept dark. Why? So, the little light gets transmitted through the glass. Another room has to be brightly lit up. It ensures there is sufficient light for reflection from the glass surface. If both the rooms have the same amount of lighting then the glass will only act like a tinted window. Are you suspecting someone is watching you, switch off the light of your room and use a flashlight against that mirror so you can see someone on the other side?

So, we hope you must have understood what one-way mirrors are and how they work. If you want to learn more facts and gain knowledge apart from school classes, science tuition can provide the best knowledge. Engage with Miracle Learning centre – one of the top-notch science tuition in Singapore.