Miracle Learning Center

Learn Science Together As A Family

Learn Science Together As A Family

Miracle Learning Centre emphasizes the need for the family to be involved in the learning of science. A great way to learn Science is to do it together as a family. It can be treated as a family activity that the whole family can participate in.

If you are not a “Science” person, there are many ways you can do it.

Act as if you are a science tuition teacher. You can goggle for experiments related to the topics that your child is studying then plan to do an experiment together. You can print out a few experiments, go shopping for the apparatus, then carry out the experiment together. As you are doing the experiment, explain to your child the concepts involved and any other additional scientific facts.

If you are not familiar with that topic, try asking your child some thinking questions. Let your child have a chance to act as a science tuition teacher too. Then allow him/her to search on the internet for answers himself/herself. You need to monitor the process so that he/she does not end up playing games instead. This helps to teach the child to be an independent learner too. He learns that he is able to obtain information on his own or he can ask his school teacher or science tuition teacher for help. He needs to ask questions as he learn and not to simply accept all the information given to him.

When the particular topic is taught in school, he/she will be able to pick up additional information that he/she has missed out at first. Then he will need to learn to identify keywords that the teacher points out and also take note of them when he is doing assignments.

The science topic chosen is not restricted to only school topics. If your child is interested in other science topics or experiments, encourage him/her to read about it and plan on doing some experiments too. The main aim to ignite the interest of learning Science in the child. If the child is interested to learn, he will ask and learn more willingly.

In Miracle Learning Centre, we carry out experiments after the SA1 and SA2 exams during science tuition classes. They learn out-of-the-box science concepts and is able to apply when they learn the theory.

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