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Understand laws of motion from Physics tuition in Singapore

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Understand laws of motion from Physics tuition in Singapore

From Physics tuition in Singapore learn the laws of motion


In this blog today, we are going to talk about Newton’s laws of motion. The laws of motion are the most important and fundamental laws of “Classical mechanics” which refers to the relationship between an object’s motion, along with the forces acting on it. As a physics student, you need to understand and learn the laws of motion clearly. If you are facing challenges to understand the concepts, joining Physics tuition in Singapore can be the best decision.


Physics tuition in Singapore teaches why laws of motion are important.


Newton’s law of motion is vital as they are omnipresent and govern our everyday life. Many people take laws of motion for granted. Forces are defined as the pull or push – it is what determines the moving of an object. The study of laws of motion in physics offers pupils to use an in-detail math framework of how the forces can affect any object. To whole Newtonian Mechanics – the fundamental parts are three laws of motion that physics students have to understand. Few students find it hard to understand the laws of motion. We recommend engaging with Physics tuition in Singapore. Tuition centres can help you understand each law with various examples. Reach out to one of the trusted O-Level Physics tuition in Singapore.


Physics tuition centre eases your understanding and stresses more on providing examples. Remember that the laws of motion speak about all forces but using them for a particular problem is difficult. For that, you need to dive deep into every law of motion. O-Level Physics tuition in Singapore can assist pupils to gain more knowledge of these laws.


What are Newton’s three laws of motion?


Without an understanding of Newton’s laws of motion, it becomes hard to move further with modern physics.


  1. First law of motion


The first law of motion states that every object has a tendency to resist changes in its state of motion (present). In simple words, with no interference from any kind of external force, the object at rest stays at rest only while the object that is in motion continues to move. For example -In a ball’s motion while falling down through the earth’s atmosphere, a rocket launched into the atmosphere, with a change in the wind’s movement, the kite changes its movement too.


  1. Second law of motion


Newton’s second law of motion defines how any object acts in the presence of any external net force. In simple words – this law of motion explains the net force that acts on the object is equal to the mass & acceleration of an object. According to Newton’s second law of motion – the car speeds up at a rate equal to the net force’s amount divided by the mass.


  1. Third law of motion


He had theorized which affirms for each interaction between any two objects, action as well as reaction exists which act on those two interacting objects. For example, a person walking on the ground, a horse pulling a cart etc.


So, clearly, Newton’s laws of motion play a pivotal role in the scientific community. It is vital for students to understand the three laws of motion to know about the fundamental natural phenomenon of the rockets exploring outer space. You can ace three laws of motion from Miracle Learning Centre which offers the best O-Level Physics tuition in Singapore.