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Math Lesson Delivery in Maths Tuition: The Power of Visual Ai

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Math Lesson Delivery in Maths Tuition: The Power of Visual Ai

Mathematics is defined as an abstract representational system used in the study of numbers, shapes, structures, change, and the relationships between these concepts. Math is there to develop the student’s ability to calculate, count, and use various methods of mathematics to solve a problem. Therefore, maths tuition lessons needs to clarify, and represent the numbers and formulas for easy grasping. Mathematics tuition aims at improving the ability to handle abstractions and develop better approaches to problem-solving.

The use of teaching aids is therefore of paramount importance when teaching mathematics. According to the International Journal of Education Research Review, using a [visual] teaching aid to explain the lesson efficiently help students grasp the lesson idea and messages effectively and efficiently. Park & Brannon (2013) established that teaching students through visual illustrations enhanced students’ math performance considerably, even on numerical math, and that the visual training helps students more than numerical training. Professor Afzal Ahmed et al (2019) stated that “the use of interactive technology [visual aids included] in the creation of mathematical meanings in the learning of new mathematical concepts is very important and highly effective,” this was in contrast to the use of numerical symbols only.

As such, the best way to teach or to study math is to make it as tangible as you possibly can. Researches have shown that over 70% of the things we remember are things we saw and heard at the same time. Pictures, video animations amongst other visual and tangible aids helps to ‘see’ the math idea which improves understanding of the problem. By nature, mathematics demands precision thinking. Combining creativity, openness, visual aids with precise thinking bring the mathematics alive. For example, fractions are better visualized using actual objects such as an apple to denote the problem rather than abstract 1 Dimension drawings.

Visual aids act as an incentive for interest and help both the tutor in explaining as well as the student when self-studying the concept. They encourage more investment into the topic and trigger intrigue as they are very relatable. Another great example of this would be the use of an actual clock when learning about time and the correlation between the arms. By tuning the clock, students can even grasp the concepts on themselves simply through observation.

Types of Visual Aids

Many visual aids can be used in a classroom or learning environment. Harmful and dangerous items must be kept or stored away especially in young-age level classes.

Counters – these vary in shapes and sizes but help learn basic addition and subtraction. The abacus is still helpful too.

Foodstuff – as earlier highlighted, food such as fruits and pizza can be used when learning or studying topics like fractions.

Rulers, measuring tape – for practical demonstrable distance and area calculation. Measuring instruments accurately demonstrate the precision of mathematics.

Shapes, blocks – these help in geometry. For lower classes, actual shapes help in identifying them. Empty boxes of cereal, empty cans of milk are good examples of cylinders, cubes, and rectangular shapes.

Pretend money – the ability to use money is important in life. Students can learn about money using ‘money’ from games like “Monopoly” to simulate real-life situations. The aim is to help students identify money and address money problems.

Pictures, charts, pictures – charts, graphs, and pictures are great for developing analysis skills by associating statistical data with graphical presentation. It promotes better understanding and data retaining especially where trends are involved.

As we wind up, visual aids have the power to intrigue and develop students’ minds. Students are more likely to use the practical aspects they learned this way in solving future mathematical problems. Maths tuition with visual aids has a higher chance of success in education. Modern advancements are also promoting even better visual aids such as simulations and 3D imagery for even better understanding.

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