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Four important questions to ask when looking for a Tuition Centre

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Four important questions to ask when looking for a Tuition Centre

An imperative part of your child’s academic life is to choose a proper tuition. This task is easier said than done. You need to check out every single aspect during your hunting process for the perfect tuition centre. These include the curriculum they follow, classes conducted and the faculties of teachers over there. With that said, given below are four most important questions you should ask when looking for your child’s tuition centre.


The fees that your tuition centre charges is an imperative question which you should ask them. The most important part of this aspect is the fees that the teachers ask. However, selecting the cheapest tuition centre is not a feasible option to choose. This is because you might not get good-quality tutorial for your child in return. Instead, choose us at Miracle Learning Centre as we charge reasonable fees and provide good-quality tuition instead.

Syllabus Compliance

This is yet another factor to consider when looking for a tuition centre for your child. A leading tuition centre should always comply with the syllabus in a proper manner. However, this is not always the case as the teachers are often hired on a part-time basis. So, make sure that your chosen tuition centre at least follows the most up-to-date versions of the syllabi. Every teacher should again follow the latest syllabus patterns as done in the schools. It’s even better if the teacher can customize the syllabus according to your child’s unique learning needs.

Previous Records

While selecting a tuition centre for the final time, make sure that their previous students’ performance was optimal enough. Check their track records in term of the students’ results for every teacher. Most importantly, check the potential of every teacher and the number of students they taught in the past. Remember, a not so talented teacher can easily create a topper out of genuinely proficient students. Conversely, look for teachers who have successfully made ordinary students into toppers. Plus, the teachers must have successfully improved the overall performance of their individual classes. Finally, choose the best tuition centre accordingly.

Experience and Qualifications

Verify the qualifications and teaching experience of each teacher at the tuition centre on which you have zeroed in on. This factor is imperative to consider if you really want your child to get tuition from the choicest teachers ever. So, consider factors like the following:

  • The places where the teachers have taught before
  • The amount of experience each teacher has in the individual subject they teach and
  • The educational qualifications of each of the teachers etc.

Aside, if there is an in-charge teacher, do check his or her qualifications without a miss. Besides, check the qualifications of the supervising teacher too only if one is available. You can speak with each of the teachers physically as well. This way you can understand that whether their qualifications reflect through their conversation or not.


We at Miracle Learning Centre are the perfect example of providing good-quality tuition to both strong and weak students. Hopefully, with the tips given above you too can find the best tuition centre for your child.