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Regain Your Motivation

Regain Your Motivation

It is widely known that the key to successfully accomplishing one aim after another is to stay motivated. Very often, you will be assigned to tasks which you may detest, yet you find motivation to complete them because you recognized how each particular task can serve a greater goal.

It really depends on your attitude when it comes to motivation. Most people have totally different mind-set towards the same task, some may hate it but others may like it. But have you ever wondered why some people always seem to be enjoying whatever tasks they are assigned to? Actually, you can be like them too. It is simple; all you need to do is to find ways to make any task interesting and fun to you! If an attitude can be nurtured where assigned tasks are thought to be enjoyable or fun, then the completion of these tasks leads to an increased sense of vitality, thus helping you to stay motivated at the same time.

A simple approach before you start on any task is to ask yourself a few questions:

• What is the definition of fun to you?
• What can I do to make this assignment fun for myself?
• What can I do to make the assignment fun for others?
• How can I make this task the best part of my day?
• What is the end result after completing this task?

The answers will pop up momentarily, as long as you learn to have the specific expectation of any task being potentially pleasurable.

Let me quote an example. How do you make something that you dread so much more enjoyable? The first tip is to find any aspect of the task that you enjoy. If you absolutely dislike cleaning, think about how neat and nice your room will be after cleaning it. If you detest going for tuition lessons, think about how proud your parents will be when you achieve spectacular results.

Most tasks do have a great potential of being enjoyable, and so looking for ways to have fun while working is definitely a good habit to acquire for you to stay motivated in mundane tasks.

Without fun there can be no learning. With fun, excitement and enthusiasm follows and this makes a student energetic to learn new things with more attention and depth. We at Miracle Learning Centre, always try to make our students motivated and excited about the various subjects so that they became curious to know the unknown and that makes them able to understand the toughest topics with utmost ease and comfort.

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