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Making Chemistry Interesting

Making Chemistry Interesting

The main reason behind Chemistry sounding to be a bland and boring subject is that students never learn it by heart. Many students learn Chemistry just because it is a mandatory subject for their education or future career lines but no one actually gets to see the fun hidden inside the subject.

The biggest problems of society can be solved by Chemistry. But it’s also about the joy of discovering and witnessing amazing phenomena. With chemistry, you can learn something new every day while having fun.

How do you interest more students to take chemistry? This is a question that makes scientists ponder while scratching their heads. Chemistry is one of those underrated sciences currently being taught to our children. For comparisons, robotics is rising in stature. It is generating news each day. Being a tech geek is now very cool. The media is awash with 20-somethings making headlines by creating a so-and-so app. They are becoming rich beyond our wildest dreams seemingly overnight. How can chemistry compare?

For a science, chemistry is very beautiful. You get to study how matter relate, interact and change. How we are all made up of atoms that are constantly in motion. Chemistry studies the very essence of life, yet it is not as cool. In coming up with ways to make it more popular among students, it is worth considering a number of ways.

For starters, parents should consider chemistry tuition. Most of the famous tech entrepreneurs have one thing in common: they had extra tutoring in computers while they were young. This inculcated computer interest from a young age, even before computers were cool. Taking our kids to chemistry tuition will instill the curiosity, interest and focus that will make it possible for chemistry to start making headlines too.

Another way to bring back interest in chemistry is having events like competitions, talks, symposiums etc. Partnerships for such events should be encouraged with prominent scientists in the chemistry field. We can have famous universities tagging along too. In symposiums, the chemists can talk about the exciting progress happening in their labs. They can offer invitations for students to visit. Prizes in competitions can be named after famous chemists like Marie Curie.

For such an essential science subject, building interest for it among our young ones is one sure way of securing the future.

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