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16 May Manipulative Mathematics Tutoring

Manipulatives are defined as visual objects used to illustrate mathematical relationships and applications. This promotes a more practical and visual approach to learning. An approach that is better than traditional abstract teaching methods such as oral lecturing, textbooks and workbooks. Basically, manipulatives are a hands-on experience for the learner.

Mathematical manipulatives can be blocks, rods, cubes, fraction strips etc. Their chief purpose being to simply provide a tangible object that be visibly manipulated or examined. This will better simplify the concepts being introduced or taught. For example,a teacher can bring a cube to class to demonstrate how the volume is calculated and physically demonstrate the process. It is simply better than trying to describe the process abstractly. This is especially true if the concept of volume is still in the introductory stages.

According to research, abstract teaching is more easily forgotten. This has been discovered to cause frustration which can actually lead to a fear of the subject. Manipulatives thereby provide a better alternative for maths tuition. Through direct and physical interaction with the concept, student are more likely to master mathematical concepts. Since manipulatives are visual mathematics tools, they can be introduced at very early stages. Children can play with base 10 blocks, counters and pattern blocks before they even attend pre-school. By the time the concept of shapes or counting is introduced, the child is already conscious of it practically.

Manipulatives can also be used to build mathematical confidence in learners. This is critical especially since the subject requires a high level of self-confident to execute. The objects helps to give students physical evidence of how their thinking works. This makes their understanding and appreciation of mathematical concepts more robust. A practical example would be a shape block. The more the kid tries to fit a circular cut-out into a square hole for example, the more they appreciate the difference in fit. Before the concept of shapes is even introduced, the kid will eventually fit the correct shape to the correct cut-out pretty much on their own.

With new and modern things getting discovered every day, Science and Maths have never stood still at a place. The Ministry of Education is always trying to include the latest and important topics in the syllabus so that students get more practical knowledge which will make them more employable.

And the new age of students also requires and demand new teaching methods. These students are smart, curious and restless, they always want to know about the unknown but the primitive teaching methods takes away all the fun out of the learning process and makes the student feel bored.

At Miracle Learning Centre, we always look forward to implementing new and modern teaching models to make our lessons more and more exciting.

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