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Mathematical Thinking

Mathematical Thinking

Mathematical thinking can be basically described as the ability to solve problems or analyse situations using maths. It is a whole different way of looking at things as compared to a casual observer. Needless to say, it promotes better understanding of mathematical concepts in general. It is the fundamental goal of any mathematics teaching session. The goal being to produce an individual who appreciates the mathematical aspect of any given scenario. Not only to appreciate it, but to act accordingly and efficiently.

A practical example of mathematical thinking would be jumping over an object. Before you even jump, mathematical thinking must kick in and tell you if it is even possible. The brain must decide at which point to take off the jump and the speed and direction necessary for a safe landing. Mathematical thinking can therefore be described as a process. Each action being a calculated move meant to facilitate the achievement of a goal. Just like in a game of chess, the individual makes coordinated efforts to the best of his abilities. This means if mathematical thinking is not honed in, the jumper is likely to fail to meet his or her objective. Mathematical thinking can however only be achieved by individuals who possess certain skills. These include; mathematical knowledge itself, basic reasoning abilities, self-confidence and communication skills.

The difficult task that the tutor therefore faces is how to develop this way of thinking in students. Since it is more of a skill than just mere application of knowledge, mathematical thinking can only be ‘developed’. Just like any other skill, repetitive action will perfect mathematical thinking. Students must be constantly exposed to situations that require mathematical applications. Suitable manipulative tools can be used to engage students mathematically irregardless of age. Practical situations can also be used to develop mathematical think. To make this way of thinking more of a habit, the tutor must associate mathematical thinking with non-mathematical aspects of life. This will help student to apply their skills even when the maths lesson is long over.

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