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Maths as a Subject

16 May Maths as a Subject

Maths is undoubtedly the most unpopular subject among the students. Some find this subject to be very scoring and enjoys learning it, whereas the others find it extremely tough and always looks for a way to avoid it. Almost every 4 out of 5 students are likely to have problems in Maths.

We want to put an end to this. We want to make everyone able to understand Maths and enjoy the learning process. With this motto in mind, we have created our tailored courses of secondary maths tuition, primary mathematics tuition, JC maths tuition where students will be taught by the best teachers of Singapore.

Let us take a closer look at maths as a tutored subject. The fact is, the average human who goes through any basic education system immediately recognises the Decimal system. Needles to say, there are many other systems which probably appear difficult. This is simply because we are ‘used’ to the decimal because it is what we are all TAUGHT from scratch. This brings about an interesting concept in maths tutoring; which is that mathematics is a cumulative subject. In other words, you can only learn new concepts building on what you have already learnt and, more importantly, what you have UNDERSTOOD.

For example, it is simply impossible to teach an individual division BEFORE they understand addition and subtraction. This is because these two processes are actually involved in the division process itself. Knowing this, the best approach to maths tutoring becomes apparent; teach the simple and basic concepts first and build on that. The Chinese have mastered this art by introducing mathematics at a very early stage. By seven years, every student is already doing multiplication at an advanced stage. Mathematics takes up to fifteen hours of the week learning time giving more exposure hence better performance. It is not surprising therefore that China performs best in mathematics. Educators in these high performing countries have a clever bag of tricks that they employ. A typical one is to teach mathematics using everyday situations and examples that are easily relatable.

The growing demand of society has left learners with a huge workload. In an effort to broaden horizons for children, the average student studies about eight subjects. These ranging from art to the sciences simply because the pupil is expected to be prepared for all fields of tertiary education. Considering the demands of mathematics, this usually means students require extra tutoring in order to cope. This of course will mean an even heavier workload for the student and requires an efficient approach to tutoring which we will take a closer look on pretty soon.