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Background of Mathematics

Background of Mathematics

Ever wondered who came up with the concepts of mathematics? That awful subject that cracks our heads and pushes our thinking capacities beyond comfortable levels. Surely what could they have been thinking? The purpose of mathematics of course in general is pretty obvious. It is day to day calculations. For example, how much change do I owe or how much sauce should I use to make half a given recipe etc. We pretty much apply the fundamentals of mathematics habitually as we go about our day without even realising it.

The proper definition of mathematics is given as the abstract science of numbers, quantity and space either as abstract concepts (pure mathematics) or as applied to other disciplines such as physics (applied mathematics). Sound complicated huh? In simpler terms, it is just the use of numbers and symbols to differentiate, identify and explain ‘stuff’.

The origins of mathematics can be traced back to the 6th century Greeks. This is not surprising because the Greeks have always been smart and curious about science. Of course other nations and individuals are credited with maths discoveries and use such as China, Egypt and the great scientist Archimedes. As their civilisations got better, mathematical uses became more pronounced and critical. Division of resources, introduction of currencies, and quantification of wealth all made it necessary.

Of course as scientific studies intensified, more complicated mathematics came to life. For example our main numbering system had to be properly established. Terminology such as ‘’thousand’’ or ‘’million’’ which may seem regular today had to be invented.

As the world gets more complex and digital, complicated mathematics has also become necessary. These include additional numbering systems such as the Binary and octal for computer coding purposes. Also engineering mathematics to better explain and design modern technology. This of course means the average human has to learn all these concepts from a very tender age. Way before children attend school, they are typically already maths literate. The purpose of all this is to better understand this modern world hence necessitating Maths tuition.

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