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Maths is one of the most useful subjects in the world and is mandatory to learn for all the students around the world. Maths is connected with a lot of other subjects and has connections with many professions in society. But sadly it is one of the most disliked subjects among the students.

The word equation comes from the word equate. Is simply refers to a statement that asserts the equality of two given expressions. Mathematically speaking, the presence of an equal sign (=) distinguishes an equation. It is to be interpreted as signifying that the expression to the right of the sign is equal to the expression on the left side.

Equations do not necessarily have to contain an unknown value as one would normally expect. Their main purpose is not just to solve problems to find the value of an unknown. Rather, they also provide critical alternate approaches to problem solving. For example, the equation tanx = sinx/cosx does not have any unknown value that needs to be found. It simply gives the assertion that it is mathematically correct to substitute tanx with sinx/cosx. In trigonometry, an equation of this nature is referred to as an identity. In order for an equation to maintain its validity, ALL arithmetic laws must be strictly observed. This is important especially when commutating terms of the equation from one side of the equal sign to another. Failure to do so will render the equation false.

Mathematical syllabigenerally consists a lot of equations that needs solving. These usually incorporate a lot of other mathematical principles such as trigonometry and calculus. Solving equations therefore must be mastered in order to tackle these principles. Students must learn to isolate the value of interest in the equation, commonly referred to as the ‘unknown’. This is done through mathematical operations and laws. Once the unknown is isolated on one side of the equal sign, consolidate and combine the remaining expression on the other side until it is its simplest form. Some equations can not be simplified to a single and simple value. This is however mathematically acceptable as long as the ‘unknown’ is isolated in its simplest form on one side.

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