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Types of Angle (2 Lines)

Types of Angle (2 Lines)

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2 angles are formed when the end 2 straight lines meets. Types of angle that we measure from this case are normally the acute angle or the obtuse angle, the other angle we do not normally measure is called the reflex angle.

An acute angle is an angle that is fewer than ninety degrees. An obtuse angle is larger than ninety degrees but smaller than a hundred and eighty degrees. A reflex angle is larger than a hundred and eighty degrees but lesser than three hundred and sixty degrees.

When 2 straight lines intersect each other, a total of four angles are formed. These four types of angle are related to each other in the following ways. There are 2 pairs of vertically opposite angles and each pair is made up of the angles that are not adjacent to each other. These pair of angles is special as the angles in each pair are equal to each other. Another type of special angle is called angles on a straight line. For this, there are 4 pars, they are any 2 angles adjacent to each other, these 2 angles will add up to be one hundred and eighty degrees. All the types of angle at the point will add up to three hundred and sixty degrees.

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