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Types Of Angles (3 lines)

Types Of Angles (3 lines)

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Other than talking about the angles formed by 2 intersecting lines, we can also talk about angles formed by 2 parallel lines and another one intersecting both parallel lines.

The first special set of angles is called alternate angles, the two angles for this set is bounded in between the parallel lines. The smaller angle that is made between one of the parallel lines and the third line is the same as the angle formed between the other parallel line and the third line. The same thing applies for the larger angle.

The second set of special angles is called corresponding angles. They are similar to the first type of special angle except that the angles are no longer bounded by the parallel lines. For this set, the angles that are the same is the larger angle formed between one parallel line and the third line and the other large angle formed by the other parallel line and the third line when both angles are on the same side of the third line, the same goes for the smaller angle.

The third set of special angles is called interior angles. As the name implies, it has to d with angles in between the 2 parallel lines. This set of angles is different from the other 2 as they are not equal to each other but add up to one hundred and eighty degrees. these 2 angles are the angles formed between the 2 parallel lines and the third line where both angles are on the same side of the third line.

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