Mind Boggler at your Science Tuition Lesson

05 Sep Mind Boggler at your Science Tuition Lesson

Hi, and welcome back to our Science Tuition lesson. We are back again with some mind-blowing chemistry facts. We hope you have been enjoying our previous classes.

Today, again we are ready to astonish you with our interesting facts on Science Tuition. Let us begin.

I. We know how important oxygen is, but did you know that around 1 % of the sun’s mass is oxygen? Well, now you do. Oxygen is very important on earth and without oxygen, all human beings will not be able to breathe and exist. Photosynthesis produces oxygen and glucose. Hence we need to plant many trees on earth to remove carbon dioxide and replenish the used oxygen. It helps to maintain the carbon cycle. Carbon dioxide is produced by decomposition, decay and combustion. Hence, we need to remove excess carbon dioxide. This is because carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas and causes global warning. There are many negative effects of global warming. It will lead to rising sea levels, destroy crops and cause famine.

II. You might have heard about UV lights, but do you know what role it plays in a scientist’s and a detective’s life? Not to scare you, but the things which cannot be seen with our naked eye can often be seen under a UV light.

III. Which water do you think will freeze more quickly, cold or hot? Well, to your surprise, hot water freezes faster than cold water, by using mpemba effect. This is a temperature-dependent phenomenon.

The Mpemba effect is a process in which hot water can freeze faster than cold water. There is disagreement about the parameters required to produce the effect and about its theoretical basis.

That is all for today in your Science Tuition. Stay tuned to learn more of such thought provoking facts.


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