Mind Shockers at Science Tuition

05 Sep Mind Shockers at Science Tuition

Hi, and welcome back to your Science Tuition. We are back again for our chemistry lovers with the ample number of chemistry facts.

Today we are again providing you with the facts that will shock your mind. Without further delay, here we go:

I. Do you know the reason for Mars being red? Well, Mars is red because of the rust or iron oxide present in its surface.

II. Any idea which is the natural antibacterial element? The answer is copper. It is the only natural anti-bacterial element present.

III. What do you think about a rubber tyre? Well, science is full of surprises. A tyre made of rubber is actually one single giant polymerized molecule. Wasn’t that a shocker?

IV.These are man-made polymers through the processes of

(i) addition polymerisation
(ii) condensation polymerisation
Polymers made from addition polymerisation are called addition polymers.
Polymers made from condensation polymerisation are called condensation polymers.

This is brief introduction on additional polymers
Addition polymers are made from unsaturated (contains C=C bonds) monomers.
Monomers of addition polymers are linked together to form a large molecule without the loss of any atoms. The monomers are joined together by an addition reaction to produce one molecule as the only product. Addition polymers have the same empirical formulas of their monomers. Plastics are addition polymers formed using alkene molecules as monomers. The following shows some examples of addition polymers made from alkene molecules.
Polyethene is used to make plastic films, plastic bottles, plastic bags.
Polychloroethene(PVC) is used to make water pipes, waterproof sheets, electrical insulations.
Poly(tetrafluoroethene) or PTFE is used for coatings for “non-slick” pots and pans as it is chemically inert, heat resistant and repels water.

That is all for today in our mind shockers at Science Tuition. Stay tuned for more amazing facts on chemistry. We hope you are enjoying our mind-boggling facts.


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